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Okanagan Fresh Cherry Juice 1.75L x 8

Okanagan Fresh Cherry Juice 1.75L x 8

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  • Fresh cherry juice from the Okanagan pressed annually in August.

  • Juiced right at the orchard and pasteurized at low temperature just before packing into a vacuum bag to keep the freshness.

  • 100% pure cherry juice. No added sugar, no preservatives, no sulphides, no added water, not from concentrate.
  • Unopened container can be stored at room temperature for up to 24 months.

  • Best to finish opened juice within a six-month period in room temperature.  Can be kept in fridge for longer time.

  • Recommend to sip no more than half a cup daily due to its natural sugar content.

  • All packaging materials are recyclable. 
  • Enjoy Free Shipping for a case of eight boxes.
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