Our Story

The Spark


We noticed a common discomfort among friends switching from an omnivore to a vegetarian diet without proper research. The truth is, when you lack protein and unsaturated fat, it often results in fatigue and low energy. Thankfully, the solution is simple, consume more plant-based foods rich in protein and healthy fats.

But where do we find that?

Styrian Pumpkin Seeds


After two years of searching, we discovered a special breed of pumpkin seeds organically grown in a protected region of Austria. In Europe, pumpkin seeds are popular due to their abundance of minerals and vitamins. These Styrian pumpkin seeds are also uniquely shell-less, contain far higher nutritional content, and are more fat-soluble than typical pumpkin seeds. 

Where Nutrika Is Today


After running a small-scale operation for the last few years, we began expanding. Today, Nutrika works with reputable growers and manufacturers worldwide to bring you the best quality natural and plant-based products available. After all, we are what we eat—and a healthy diet is the source of true beauty which shines from within. Nutrika is on a mission to bring you the highest quality nutrients from around the world.