Where does Nutrika come from?

Nutrika is a Canadian brand that is passionate about natural, plant-based food. Our first line of products features organic, premium-grade Styrian pumpkin seeds and protein powder.

All of our pumpkin seed products are sourced from certified organic farm in Styria, Austria. For decades, they've operated in a Protected Geographical Region (PGI) to create world-class, high-protein pumpkin seeds which we use as a base for all our products.

How do I know your pumpkin seeds are organic?

All of our pumpkin seeds are sourced from a reputable organic farm in Styria, Austria. For decades, they've cultivated these seeds and all their crops meet the necessary Austrian requirements to be certified organic under EU regulations. 

Why Nutrika Pumpkin Seeds?

Our genuine Styrian organic pumpkin seeds are larger in size and darker green in colour than other varieties on the market. They are incredibly nutrient-dense, with up to 5 times more phytonutrients than regular pumpkin seeds and more fat-soluble and water-soluble antioxidants. Styrian pumpkin seeds are naturally shell-less, allowing them to keep all their nutritional value due to the lack of a de-shelling process. 

What is Protected Geographical Indication (PGI)?

Protected Geographical Indication (PGI) refers to the when a specific region and product are highly related because goods crafted from that region has a unique quality, reputation, or other trait that is due to its geographic origin.

For example, many specialty foods, agricultural products, and wines have a designated PGI status to highlight the specific techniques, ingredients or other traits that are exclusive to that product.

What is so special about your pumpkin seeds?

Our particular breed of pumpkin seeds is known as Cucurbita pepo var. styriaca, cultivated in the geographically protected region of Styria in Austria. Besides being an excellent snack, they are grown specifically for creating a gourmet pumpkin seed oil. Their dark green colour results from a high amount of phytonutrients, which are great for helping control cholesterol level, heart rate and blood pressure and help facilitate healthy hormone balance. In addition, Styrian pumpkin seeds are rich in healthy fats, antioxidants, vitamins and essential minerals. 

How do I eat pumpkin seeds?

Styrian pumpkin seeds are shell-less and raw. Therefore, there is no need to de-shell, and they can be snacked on or cooked with other foods. We recommend eating them raw to deliver all the nutrients and enzymes to the body. Since the seeds are raw and alive, you can try sprouting them for even more nutrition.

Shall I wash the seeds before eating?

Washing our Styrian pumpkin seeds before eating is not necessary. Simply open the bag and enjoy!

How should Styrian pumpkin seeds be stored?

These seeds are relatively stable as compared to other pumpkin seeds. Keep them in the original packaging, and store them in a dry, cool area, away from heat and direct sunlight—no need to refrigerate.

Why does the protein powder taste salty?

A small amount of mountain salt is used to separate the oil from the powder without chemicals. As a result, the protein powder has a subtle salty flavour.

How should the protein powder be stored?

Keep the protein powder in the original packaging, and store it in a dry, cool area, away from heat and direct sunlight—no need to refrigerate.

How can I use the protein powder?

Blend our protein powder with your favourite fruits for a natural, plant-based protein shake, or replace 1/5 of flour in any baking recipe for more protein intake. Add flavour and nutrition to any recipe with a few spoonfuls!

Aren’t fresh cherries better than Cherry Juice? 

Of course, fresh fruits are the best. However, this low-temperature pasteurized cherry juice can be kept at room temperature for two years without opening the container. This longevity allows you to sip on the cherry juice throughout fall and winter when fresh cherries are unavailable. Some gout sufferers like to sip on this juice daily to manage pain.

I don’t want to buy online. Where can I pick up your products? 

Retailers who carry Nutrika products are listed here.

How to contact?

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