A good source of zinc. Maintain a good zinc intake prior and during pregnancy to reduce the risk of nerve deficiencies in new born babies.

Why Styrian Pumpkin Seeds Are Good For You

What if we tell you that you can reduce your chances of facing heart, kidney, bladder, prostate, and other diseases by simply adding one tiny ingredient to your daily diet?

Not only that, but you can also reduce your chances of developing diabetes and certain cancers.

And no, we’re not talking about some made-up trend based on pseudoscience.

Rather, we're talking about a tiny seed with plenty of benefits backed by science. If you haven’t guessed already, we’re referring to the Styrian pumpkin seed and all its known positive effects on your body.

What are the Health Benefits of Styrian Pumpkin Seeds?

Unlike more common pumpkin varieties, Styrian pumpkins are known for their seeds rather than their skin and flesh. That’s because they were specifically cultivated for their shell-less seeds which yield higher oil content.

Aside from producing pumpkin seed oil, Styrian pumpkin seeds are also known for their numerous benefits.

These health benefits include the following:

#1 - Rich Nutritional Content

Because Styrian pumpkin seeds are grown naturally in the rich lands of Styria, Austria, they are packed full of nutrients. The U.S. Department of Agriculture reports that for every 100g serving of pumpkin seeds, you get the following nutrients:

  • Protein: 29.8 g
  • Total dietary fiber: 6.5 g
  • Calcium: 52 mg
  • Iron: 8.07 mg
  • Magnesium: 559 mg
  • Phosphorus: 1170 mg
  • Potassium: 18 mg
  • Zinc: 7.64 mg
  • Copper: 1.28 mg
  • Manganese: 4.49 mg
  • Vitamin C: 1.8 mg
  • Thiamin: 0.07 mg
  • Riboflavin: 0.15 mg
  • Vitamin B-6: 0.1 mg
  • Vitamin K (phylloquinone): 4.5 µg
  • Total saturated fatty acids: 8.54 g
  • Total monounsaturated fatty acids: 15.7 g
  • Total polyunsaturated fatty acids: 19.9 g
  • Cholesterol: 0 mg

In addition to all of these, Styrian seeds are rich in fat-soluble vitamins, carotenoids, and fatty acids, which strengthen your body’s immune system.

#2 - High Levels of Antioxidants

Antioxidants are one of the most sought-after health benefits of pumpkin seeds. And for good reason. Antioxidants protect your body from free radicals, prevent cell damage, and contain anti-inflammatory properties.

This, in return, reduces your chances of contracting cancer, heart disease, respiratory disease, and immune deficiencies. Not to mention that Styrian pumpkin seeds contain higher levels of antioxidants than many other pumpkin varieties.

#3 - Cancer-Fighting Properties

Another pumpkin seed benefit is that they can suppress the growth of prostate, breast, and colon cancer cells.

According to a study by Austrian scientists, the seeds block the growth of hyperplastic cells (fast-growing cells). As a result, they aid in stopping the spread of cancer cells in the body.

Additionally, research also found that Styrian pumpkin seeds have cytotoxic effects. This makes them effective in destroying cancer cells and shrinking tumours.

#4 - Boosts Bladder & Prostate Health

For centuries, folk healers used Styrian pumpkin seeds to cure kidney, bladder, and prostate disorders. Now, there’s scientific evidence to back this up.

Multiple studies show that hormonal changes in the body often result in urinary incontinence, prostate hyperplasia, and stress incontinence. But because Styrian pumpkin seeds contain aromatase enzymes and phytotherapeutic agents, they help your body regulate hormones. Basically, this means, they are a remedy for many bladder and kidney issues.

In fact, the European Journal of Lipid Science and Technology reports that people who consume Styrian pumpkin seeds experienced 41% fewer symptoms without experiencing any adverse side effects.

#5 - Promotes Cardiovascular Health

With more than 80% of unsaturated fatty acids, Styrian pumpkin seeds help decrease your LDL cholesterol level while increasing your HDL cholesterol levels. Because of this, you’re less likely to have plaque build-up in your blood vessels.

Just, you know, the leading cause of heart attacks and strokes.

Other than unsaturated fatty acids, pumpkin seeds are also rich in polyunsaturated fats. Polyunsaturated fats contain Omega 3 and Omega 6, encouraging cell growth and brain health. Plus, they reduce the risk of developing an arrhythmia (irregular heartbeat).

And that’s not all that pumpkin seeds do for your cardiovascular systems. Recent research on mice shows that pumpkin seed oil has antihypertensive properties and cardioprotective effects as it encourages your body to develop and regulate nitric oxide.

#6 - Builds Strong Bones and Muscles

Aside from being a good source of calcium, Styrian pumpkin seeds also contain a high amount of magnesium. So much so that eating one cup of pumpkin seeds gives you 42% of the recommended daily dose of magnesium.

But why is it important?

Magnesium is vital for your body because it keeps your bones, nerves, and muscles healthy, including the heart. Beyond this, it’s also linked to regulating your blood sugar and blood pressure levels. Pumpkin seeds don’t only protect you from developing bone disorders, but also heart diseases, diabetes, and nerve and muscle disorders.

#7 - Easy to Add to Any Meal

Finally, because Styrian pumpkin seeds are so versatile, you can add them to almost any meal. Eat the seeds raw, bake them into your pastries, or cook them into a soup! You can also consume it as a pumpkin seed oil and add it to your cooking pan or salad dressing.

No matter how you eat them, you’ll still get all the perks mentioned above.

Have You Tried Styrian Pumpkin Seeds?

While these seeds may seem small and insignificant, they’re filled with some of the best things to keep you hearty. It has properties that help you fight off cancer, heart disease, urinary and kidney disorders, and bone & muscle disease.

Not only that, our pumpkin seeds have loads of nutrients that your body needs to enhance your immune system. Want to know more about Styrian pumpkin seeds?

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