Styria certified organic pumpkin seeds

How To Tell If Pumpkin Seeds Are Certified Organic

Have you noticed more organic food options recently?  

Go to your local shop, and you’ll see shelves filled with organic plant-based snacks. Go online, and you’ll even find entire stores dedicated to it. And in 2019, the organic food industry grew so much that the World Health Organization (WHO) reported sales reached over $115 billion.  

But what makes organic food so special?  

More than just a label, organic food is a highly regulated industry that follows a set of standards backed by scientific research and set by the government. Because of this, many associate the word “organic” with quality and trust.  

And Nutrika’s Styrian pumpkin seeds are among the few organic pumpkin seeds in Canada that qualify. So, today, we’ll delve into organic farming—from its definition to its benefits. Plus, we’ll tell you what makes our Styrian pumpkin seeds different. 

What are Organic Farming Methods? 

Organic farming methods are a system of agricultural practices that promote environmental sustainability. Farmers achieve organic production by veering away from chemical fertilizers and pesticides that damage the soil, plants, and wildlife. Instead, organic producers and farmers use biological and ecological fertilizers and pest control methods.   

One example of organic farming is using ducks to eat snails, insects, and weeds that can hurt the harvest. Then, farmers use the duck’s feces to fertilize the soil.  

4 Benefits of Organic Farming  

With over 187 countries practicing organic farming, it’s proven to have multiple benefits—both for the environment and human health. Here are the 4 top organic farming benefits:  

  1. Fewer pesticides and chemicals. Organic farming avoids using chemicals, pesticides, herbicides, Genetically Modified Organisms (GMOs), and other synthetic methods to grow food. As such, organic plant-based foods contain fewer chemicals.  
  2. Better for the environment and wildlife. Because organic farming uses natural and biological methods to grow food, it uses less energy, water, and other resources. In return, it improves air, water, and soil quality and promotes regional ecological balance.  
  3. Stricter farming regulations. Many countries have strict policies for the organic label, which dissuades industries from making false claims and encourages more sustainable agribusinesses.  
  4. Higher quality produce. Since organic farming uses fewer chemicals, the products are fresher and contain more nutrients. They’re also safer to eat as the pesticides and herbicides from conventional farming can have adverse health effects.  

How Are Organic Styrian Pumpkin Seeds Grown?  

One of the unique traits of Styrian pumpkin seeds is that they’re nutrient dense. So, to keep it intact, many Austrian farmers use organic farming methods like:  

  • Using the inedible pumpkin flesh and skin to fertilize the ground. 
  • Planting Styrian pumpkin seeds once a year to give the land time to recover.  
  • Not using chemicals, pesticides, herbicides, and other synthetic products to control pests and encourage faster and bigger produce.  

In fact, Nutrika prides itself on working exclusively with regional farmers who believe in organic agriculture. This not only ensures that our products are of the highest quality, but it also means that we’re also working sustainably. All of which align with our mission-vision and goals.  

That’s why our Styrian seed products carry the labels:  

  • Protected Geographical Indication Certification shows that our organic pumpkin seeds originate from Styria, Austria, and pass the country’s quality standards.  
  • European Organic Certification which proves that Nutrika’s pumpkin seeds are 100% organically farmed and harvested, following Europe’s strict rules and legislation.  

Organic is more than just a label to entice customers. It’s proof that a brand is using or supporting sustainable farming methods to produce its foods. Because of this, you can be confident in knowing that the food you consume is good for your health and the environment. 

Curious about our Styrian pumpkin seeds? 

At Nutrika, we curate a range of nutritious plant-based food products for a fresher and more sustainable diet. Learn more about our tasty snacks, natural oils, and nutritious powders to see what works for you. 


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